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                          Learn Well Graphics Materials Help Students
                                            Read Better And Learn Faster

Learn Well Graphics is a source for user-friendly educational materials that promote financial literacy, teach practical money skills, and help students develop better reading skills at the same time.

LWG creates graphic-story based booklets, CD/DVDs, and digital content that helps students learn valuable skills that can immediately improve their lives.

Materials are created for students ages 8 - 18.


Too many students are leaving school without even the basic concepts of  how money works. Unfortunately, many will fall into the "cycle of poverty" unless they learn certain money skills.

Everyone needs to know certain basic money skills. But many textbooks, brochures, and pamphlets are ineffective when it comes to teaching students. Information that cannot be readily understood, or is not read because it looks intimidating, is of no use.

The Money $tar$  Series are short adventure stories that show students how to use Math and Finance to develop money skills they can use to improve their lives.


These high-interest booklets get the attention of young readers. It's a very effective way to learn important skills that can impact daily life. The Money$tar Series is designed to help middle school and high school students learn important practical money skills they can use to better their lives.

Learn Well materials tell stories that students can “relate to”. They feature the Money $tars helping kids just like them who are facing real life financial situations. The stories show students in a user-friendly, easy to understand, graphics-based format how money works and how they can use this information right now to improve their lives.

See our Financial Literacy Section for more details  and sample pictures.

For more information on the Learn Well Programs please contact us at: learnwell@roadrunner.com

Learning to Read Better

The CD/DVD and digital content materials provide the extra benefit of helping students learn to read English better. This is done via the “Read Along Feature” which allows the student to read the words, hear them pronounced correctly and in context, and see the actions that attach to the words. It is a very powerful way to develop reading and vocabulary skills while learning about money at the same time.

These materials are also a fantastic learning tool for ESL students.


click on this link :

( Note : This sample is on You Tube. The actual program requires students to stay interactive
by clicking on the word balloons to activate the voice-overs that they read along with. )
Change The Way Students Look At Learning


Because the Learn Well Programs use a multi-sensory, graphics-based interactive approach
to learning students see, hear, read, and participate in learning.


An unacceptably high percentage of students have poor reading skills - and are reluctant to read material they need to know.

We use a graphic-story format for many reasons:

* It is a non-intimidating format.  Students will read it.

* It is easy to understand for students at most reading levels.

* It is information that kids want to know presented in a story to which they can relate.
* We can custom-create a program on any topic.

* It is a very cost effective way to reach a lot of students.
The graphic-story format can be presented in booklets, CD/DVDs, or digital content (distance learning - lessons via computer, I-pad, or smart phone)

Students will enjoy using the easy-to-understand multimedia Programs that help them effectively learn about Money, Health  and other topics.

Learn Well programs are a fantastic learning/teaching tool for:

User Friendly materials help to reach and teach all students.

- Learn Well programs are great for Distance Learning because they are self-contained. We can also create specific content you can use in your programs.

-The Read Along Feature on the CDs is very effective for English As A Second Language programs.

.- The multi-sensory learning approach really grabs students' attention and helps to get them interested in reading and learning.

We Can Create Custom Programs For You

Do you have a topic or subject that you'd like to see in a multi-sensory format? .

In addition to the materials we offer from our Money Stars Line, Learn Well can create booklets, CD/DVDs, or digital content on any topic you like :
Financial Literacy; Science; Health; Social Studies; Local History.

Our strength is in taking valuable information and presenting it in a user-friendly graphic-story format that students will enjoy.

We can also private label materials for your organization.

Learn Well Program content is easily digitally adapted to Distance Learning formats.

It's a very cost-effective way to reach and teach students.

For more information on the Learn Well Programs please contact us at:   learnwell@roadrunner.com

What  Makes Learn Well Graphics  Materials Different?  

What makes LWG products different from traditional “textbooks” is that we use a graphic-story based, multi-sensory (visual, auditory, and interactive) approach to learning. This makes learning user-friendly for many students who learn in different ways.

We produce educational comic books and interactive CDs that offer students a multi-sensory  approach to improving reading skills while learning valuable information at the same time.

LWG can create programs on any subject at any grade level from K-12.

Multi-sensory : because not all students learn the same way.

Using the interactive Lesson CD, the student reads the words in the balloons ; hears the words pronounced correctly and
in context; and sees the actions attached to the words via the colorful graphics. Because the program is interactive,
student can read at his/her own pace -
replaying the balloons over as many times as needed.
The CD can be used by students individually; or in small study groups; or projected to the whole class via smartboard. 
The LWG products have great application potential in the following markets:

    * Supplemental, or extra-curricular, materials for mainstream classrooms K-12.
    * Special Education
    * English As A Second Language (domestic market)
    * English As A Foreign Language (overseas markets)
    * Distance Learning ( lessons via computer websites)
    * Community Education Programs
    * Home Schooling

For more information on the innovative Learn Well Graphics materials please contact:

                                                   Richard Keaton

                                                   Project Director

22 Crosby Ave. Kenmore, N.Y. 14217    e-mail: learnwell@roadrunner.com   (716) 480-1995

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